The Highest Rated music teaching studio in Southern California
We provide a high quality, complete music education on piano or guitar and offer many
opportunities for students to enjoy playing music while learning the skills
necessary to achieve their goals.
Each instructor has over 50 years of teaching experience!

Piano Lessons

The preferred instrument for a young child is piano, because of it’s simple layout and ease of playing. The piano layout also makes theory learning easier. Research has shown that learning piano sensitizes young children to pattern, space, and time sequencing, and improves cognitive skills, eye-hand coordination, and spatial reasoning. These are directly linked to math and science proficiency. With piano lessons, the student can also experience the fun and enjoyment of playing music in a relatively short time.

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Guitar Lessons

Probably one of the most popular instruments in the world, the guitar offers versatility far beyond almost any other instrument. From country to classical, Spanish to jazz, folk to flamenco, pop to rock, from concert stages to campfires, the guitar holds a place in more homes than any other single instrument. And you can take it anywhere! The guitar is possibly the most played instrument in the United States, if not the world. However, it certainly is not the easiest.

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Glenn is an incredible instructor and mentor. He exudes passion and knowledge for both music and teaching. His ability to teach so many genres of guitar makes him an amazing resource to both experienced and new guitarists alike . He is patient, kind, and has a knack for motivating you to see your musical goals to fruition. He has provided me with an extraordinary musical education and instilled a passion I will take with me forever.

David Fainberg

I have been studying with Noëlle Tinturin for ten years and I am pleased to recommend such a wonderful piano teacher. Her teaching skills are great for any age or level on the piano. She has taught me everything I know about the piano and has been exceptionally generous in scholarship opportunities. Noëlle is great with connections and goes the extra mile to have the community support her students. I am happy to call her my piano teacher!

Alyssa Spooner

Thank you, thank you [Noëlle], for such an inspiring afternoon of music. Your technical skills are overwhelming, yet what impressed me most was the way you made the piano soar to heights and swoop to moments of soft tenderness. I truly enjoyed every piece you selected. Needless to say, I left the church that day filled with the joy and appreciation of fine music. You are truly an inspiration!

Ron Wogen