Guitar Lessons


Probably one of the most popular instruments in the world, the guitar offers versatility far beyond almost any other instrument. From country to classical, Spanish to jazz, folk to flamenco, pop to rock, from concert stages to campfires, the guitar holds a place in more homes than any other single instrument. And, you can take it anywhere.

The guitar is possibly the most played instrument in the United States, if not the world. However, it certainly is not the easiest. Lessons are offered for children and adults, beginning through virtuoso. We do recommend that very young children (under 10) begin with the piano unless they are extremely motivated, coordinated, and have well-developed hands. I should also note that we require young students to have their parents participate in the lessons so they can oversee, take notes, and encourage daily practice.

Key Benefits

Pride of accomplishment
Build self-confidence
Satisfaction from entertaining and pleasing others


Glenn Tinturin has been teaching guitar for decades and is an experienced, professional, concertizing musician. He will pay very close attention to the biomechanics of your playing to protect you from injury.

Classical Guitar

Glenn’s specialty, he can offer Master-Class level training and coaching for the professional performer as well as step-by-step instruction for the beginner.


Glenn can offer you thorough training in music theory, chords and improvisation.


Glenn can give you a solid foundation in rhythm, bass lines, chords, and lead.

To Assure a Well-Rounded Education, Glenn covers:

Tone Production – How to create and project a singing tone
Ear Training – No one has to be “tone deaf!”
Sight-reading – Learn to read and play a new piece of music
Technique – Finger facility and flexibility
Posture, Hand Position, and Bio-Mechanics – Correct position helps develop strong technique and avoid injury
Theory – Learn the structure of music for a better understanding
Musicianship – Learn the language of music as a means of communication
Ensembles – Play with others in duos or groups
Performance – Recitals, Performance classes, Masterclasses, and Competitions

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