Lessons and coaching
The Tinturin Music Studio offers expert training in three locations in Southern California: Piano Lessons - Camarillo and Dana Point, Guitar Lessons - Rancho Santa Margarita.

Music Lessons are an essential part of your child's education. Music training prepares young minds to handle a wide variety of tasks outside of music itself. While studies have shown that music training affects the physical development of the brain, it is also a universal language, and a "window to other cultures of the world." Playing music is also a valuable skill for adults. A haven from the responsibilities and stresses of daily life, playing music offers an opportunity to re-direct your energies into a program that develops creativity, self-esteem, enjoyment, relaxation, and gratification. And it is also good for keeping the brain stimulated.

Piano Lessons

The preferred instrument for a young child is the piano, because of its simple layout and ease of playing. The piano layout also makes theory learning easier. Research has shown that learning piano sensitizes young children to pattern, space, and time sequencing, and improves cognitive skills, eye-hand coordination, and spatial reasoning. These are directly linked to math and science proficiency. With piano lessons, the student can also experience the fun and enjoyment of playing music in a relatively short time.

Guitar Lessons

Probably one of the most popular instruments in the world, the guitar offers versatility far beyond almost any other instrument. From country to classical, Spanish to jazz, folk to flamenco, pop to rock, from concert stages to campfires, the guitar holds a place in more homes than any other single instrument. And you can take it anywhere

Music Coaching

For the more advanced musicians, master-class level coaching is available for any instrument, voice, and ensemble which provides guidance with rhythm, intonation, musicianship, feeling, projection, tone production, delivery, and stage presence.

Student Recitals

Performance opportunities are offered to our deserving students, in both group and solo recitals, if they so desire.

Competitions and Festivals

Students have an opportunity to perform and compete in local and regional festivals and competitions.