Glenn is an incredible instructor and mentor. He exudes passion and knowledge for both music and teaching. His ability to teach so many genres of guitar makes him an amazing resource to both experienced and new guitarists alike . He is patient, kind, and has a knack for motivating you to see your musical goals to fruition. He has provided me with an extraordinary musical education and instilled a passion I will take with me forever.

David Fainberg

Noëlle Tinturin is one of the most gifted artists I have ever met. I studied with her from young childhood to college. She gave me the foundation I needed to pursue a career in music with competitions, master class opportunities, and lots of performance. I find myself constantly referring to the methods of playing phrases that she taught me, and I feel so blessed that I had such an incredible teacher to build my foundation, and to have been taught by such a wonderful musician that holds such an incredible legacy to share. I have looked to Noëlle not only as a teacher, but with the relationship we built, like a part of my family. Thank you, Noëlle.

Vicky Hagel

Having played classical guitar for several years with many classical guitar teachers I can say, without reservation, Glenn is the best. He studied classical guitar since childhood, and Glenn, like his father, Peter Tinturin, and his brother, Lenny Tinturin, was a professional musician and a child prodigy. Glenn is gifted not only as a guitarist, but as a teacher. He listens, guides, instructs, models, and challenges his students. I have grown both musically and personally having worked with Glenn. If you’re interested in playing the guitar, either classical, folk, or rock, I would highly recommend Glenn Tinturin as the best guitar teacher ever.

Hal Morris

I have been studying with Noëlle Tinturin for ten years and I am pleased to recommend such a wonderful piano teacher. Her teaching skills are great for any age or level on the piano. The lessons with Noëlle have been far more beneficial than anything I have learned at school or on my own.  She has taught me everything I know about the piano.  She has given me a voice and I can now speak my thoughts through the beauty of music. Noëlle is great with connections and goes the extra mile to have the community support her students. I am happy to call her my piano teacher!

Alyssa Spooner

Lenny has been an epic teacher! I have done weekly lessons with him for three months. In that time I have learned sight reading (albeit I am still slow) as well as multiple pieces that I am comfortable sharing with others.
Lenny is very humble and patient and he clearly knows everything there is to know about the piano. But, he has made it quite accessible for me, steering toward “the spirit” of the piano.
I am excited to keep learning with him!

Kiyle Coughlin

We feel very fortunate that our daughters were able to study at the Tinturin Music Studio. The Tinturins exemplify the best in music instruction and the highest form of professionalism. They are a rare find in any community.

Lynda Dest

We have been blessed to have you as Jessica’s teacher. You have loved and cared for her ever since her very first piano lesson at age 4. You always have a hug, a smile, and an encouraging word at the end of each lesson. You have instilled the discipline necessary for accomplishment. We know that there are other teachers, who perhaps cost less, who aren’t as strict or as dedicated, thereby making it easy to forego learning the discipline necessary for accomplishment. But we believe if you’re going to do something you should give it your best and we are happy to be providing her with who we believe to be the best. Thank you Noelle!!!”

Janice & Mike Olsen

Thank you for all you have done for our daughter. We appreciate your high standards and positive influence you have had on her. We are so impressed with your teaching. Thanks for being the best!

The Mitchells

The Tinturins are a treasure. It would be hard to find a finer music education for my children anywhere.

It was our good fortune to find Noelle Compinsky Tinturin as a piano teacher for my two daughters for over 7 years. Noelle has a comprehensive knowledge of music, is very supportive, and has lovely performance skills herself that inspire her students. After training with Noelle, my daughter, Natalie, at 14 years old, was able to perform her own solo full concert with confidence.

I believe that if lessons do not provide a strong foundation that includes theory, technique, interpretation, and performance skills necessary to truly excel in music, you will lose precious time and money. I highly recommend Noelle as a piano teacher to provide the invaluable gift of a music that will last a lifetime!

Alice Jung

Thank you, thank you [Noëlle], for such an inspiring afternoon of music. Your technical skills are overwhelming, yet what impressed me most was the way you made the piano soar to heights and swoop to moments of soft tenderness. I truly enjoyed every piece you selected. Needless to say, I left the church that day filled with the joy and appreciation of fine music. You are truly an inspiration!

Ron Wogen

Ms. Noelle is a great teacher! She challenges and encourages us to improve our skills. We like the variety of music she teaches.

Cece and Sophie Wong

Glenn Tinturin is an outstanding artist and teacher. I highly recommend him. I took lessons from Glenn Tinturin. His acute ear and eye spotted errors and bad habits that I should have corrected decades ago. From these lessons, I adopted a practice routine that has enormously improved my technique and interpretation. Glenn is a patient and tactful teacher. Glenn Tinturin gently led me to an appropriate level of humility and critical self-awareness required if I were to make significant progress. An hour of guitar instruction with Glenn Tinturin is an hour well-spent. So too a month, or a year, or (as in my case) two years.

Ernest Partridge, Ph.D

I have been studying classical guitar with Glenn for 1.5 years. I feel so lucky that I started my classical guitar with help from Glenn. He is a professional musician, experienced in teaching and tutoring. He helped me to build proper playing and practicing habits. I made progress even better than I thought I can. Glenn is very nice, not only a good teacher but also a good friend.

Jing Hong

Glenn is a wonderful classical guitar teacher! Even though I had taken classical guitar lessons in the past, I have learned more with Glenn in the past 4 months than I have with any other teacher. He is very kind, patient, and highly experienced. Anyone would be lucky to have Glenn as a teacher!

Liz R.

Glenn is epic. Been studying with him for around a year now and I made more progress than I did in the last 6 years of learning guitar. Highly recommend!

Max Matuzov

I highly recommend Glenn Tintuirin as a classical guitar teacher. He is dedicated to helping his students develop correct technique, posture, sight-reading, and improvisation skills. I came to him with some bad habits that were affecting my playing and have made significant progress with his guidance. One thing that sets him apart is his attention to individual student needs. I have some spine issues and experience wrist cramping, but he has worked with me to improve my posture and technique, which has reduced my discomfort while playing. He is patient, encouraging, and always finds ways to keep lessons fun and challenging. Glenn is also an excellent teacher of music theory and sight-reading. He has helped me develop a deeper understanding of the music I play and has expanded my repertoire. Glenn’s expertise, patience, and dedication to his students make him an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their playing. Thank you, Glenn!

Roxanne Johnson