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Bach Festival

Each year the Music Teacher’s Association of California (MTAC) celebrates the music of Johann Sebastian Bach with a competition in which students perform an original work by memory. Established in 1961 by Madame Alice Ehlers of the University of Southern California, the Southern California Junior Bach Festival was founded to stimulate interest in and appreciation for the music of J. S. Bach. Through workshops and seminars by well-known Bach scholars and the annual presentation of students in the Southern California Junior Bach Festival, the organization maintains high performance standards and interpretation of J.S. Bach's music.

The Pleasant Valley-Ventura County (PV-VC) branch recitals will be held for pianists on Saturday, April 8, 2017. The location will be the First United Methodist Church, 1338 East Santa Clara in Ventura. Three judges will select up to 35% of the students to play at the Regional Festival. The entry fee for the branch recital is $20.00 per student. The application deadline is March 15.

At the Regional Honors Festival, wind, string and voice students perform with the selected piano students. This will be held Saturday, May 21, 2016 at the First United Methodist Church, 1338 East Santa Clara in Ventura. Students who perform in both recitals are eligible to compete in the Complete Works Auditions in October. Concerto auditions are also associated with this Bach Festival.


Branch Festival: Students are presented in short recitals of approximately 1 hour in length. A panel of three judges, selected from an approved list of adjudicators, will write evaluations of each performer. Teachers will receive the evaluation sheets. The judges will select up to 35% of the eligible students to play in the Regional Festival. The length of each student's performance is limited to 5 minutes.

Regional Festival: Students perform again in recitals with students from other branches that have been selected. A panel of three judges will evaluate each student and will select 45% to receive a special award. The length of each student's performance shall again be limited to 5 minutes and the student must perform exactly the same music as played at the Branch. All participants will receive awards with special awards going to those selected by the judges.

Complete Works Audition: This adjudication is for highly competitive students who have performed at the Branch and Regional Festivals and have been selected in the 45% chosen at the Regional Festival. These students perform a complete work from the Official List of Bach's works selected for Audition. The Official List is a 3-year rotating list and is distributed annually.

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Event Date 04-08-2017 9:00 am
Event End Date 04-08-2017 5:00 pm
Location 1338 E Santa Clara St, Ventura, CA 93001, USA

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