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Noëlle has done it again, producing an album sure to please just about everyone! She has put together a collection of beautiful yet diverse music ranging from Jazz to Ragtime to Classical. And once again, Noëlle has done her recording on her own very special 9-foot Mason & Hamlin concert grand piano.

Noëlle Compinsky Tinturin, piano


1. Berceuse (Cradle Song) Louis Moreau Gottshalk
2. Souvenir de la Havane (Grande Caprice de Concert) Louis Moreau Gottshalk

Children’s Songs, Chick Corea
3. Children’s Song No. 2 (Morning)
4. Children’s Song No. 3 (Hobby Horse)
5. Children’s Song No. 4 (Spinning Top)
6. Children’s Song No. 6 (Song of the Pharaoh Kings)
7. Children’s Song No. 9 (Pixieland Rag)
8. Children’s Song No. 12 (Consternation)
9. Children’s Song No. 14 (Toy Soldiers)
10. Children’s Song No. 15 (Hall of Mirrors)
11. Children’s Song No. 17 (Lament)
12. Children’s Song No. 18 (Runaway Train)
          13. Mirage, Peter Tinturin
          14. Tango, Peter Tinturin   DEMO
          15. The St. Louis Rag, Tom Turpin
          16. Old Adam, William Bolcom   DEMO
          17. Maple Leaf Rag, Scott Joplin
          18. 4th Street Drag, John Novacek
          19. Hog Wild, John Novacek
          20. On Golden Pond, Dave Grusin   DEMO
Three Preludes for Piano, George Gershwin
21. Prelude No. 1 Allegro ben ritmato e deciso
22. Prelude No. 2 Andante con moto e poco rubato
23. Prelude No. 3 Allegro ben ritmato e deciso
BONUS TRACKS with Celine Gietzen, cello
24. Night on the Pampa, Pauline Delmonte
25. Tango, Peter Tinturin
Total playing time 68:58