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Natalie Jung

NatalieNatalieNatalie Jungis 16 years old and has been studying piano with Noëlle Tinturin in LakeArrowhead since 1999. This performance of Claude Debussy’s “Golliwog’s Cakewalk” is from her solo piano recital in 2007, at the age of 14.

Natalie has performed in many festivals and competitions and is currently in the Advanced Level (Level 10) in the Music Teachers Association’s Certificate of Merit Program. She was a winner in the Cypress College Piano Competition in 2005. She has also performed at several Honor Festivals, branch competitions, and has played for several local fundraisers, including the Bruins Club annual fundraising event at the UCLA Conference Center in LakeArrowhead. In 2007, she won 2nd place in the Inland Empire Piano Festival sponsored by the Music Teachers Association.

Natalie has many artistic talents, and has won several competitions in the areas of dance, piano, and art.
Natalie Jung earned her Girl Scout Bronze Award in 2003 for helping the Mountain Humane Society. Her Silver Award was earned in 2005 by teaching Polynesian Dance to younger Girl Scouts. She earned her Gold Award (the highest achievement in Girl Scouts) for performing her first solo piano recital in 2007. The Gold Award prerequisites to the concert include hours of leadership, career exploration, and 65 hours of planning the event.

Natalie has been a consistent straight A student throughout her entire school career. She was awarded the US American Legion School Award in 8th grade which is awarded to only one girl and one boy from the promoting grade for their courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and service. She will be taking AP classes throughout the rest of her high school career and strives to be valedictorian, as were her brother and sister. Natalie’s college goals are to earn degrees in Architecture and Interior Design, but she says "I will continue to play the piano the rest of my life."

Natalie IEPF 2007 Noelle Natalie Roger Alice Natalie Noelle
Natalie Jung receives 2nd place trophy at Inland Empire Piano Festival, 2007 Natalie with teacher, Noëlle, her mother, Alice Jung, and her grandfather, the famous pop pianist, Roger Williams Natalie and her teacher, Noëlle Tinturin at her 2007 solo debut recital